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about us

Herbal Supplement Tea Specialist London

Herbal Choice Products is one of the top manufacturers of Health and Wellness Products in United Kingdom. It was started in 1997 on London road Croydon Surrey, as an importer of raw materials and commodities from around the world. We saw an opportunity to start a new venture in Herbal Products industry and manufacturing our own Herbal Tea products.

With the years of research and development, we are no 1 herbal supplement tea specialists in London producing 100% organic herbal products manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) keeping the quality standards controlled and consistent. The natural herbs are mostly sourced from Asia, South America, Africa and the Caribbean. Our products and blends are created in house by a team of renowned herbal doctors, botanists, master herbalist, master blenders and herbal pharmacists. Our success depends on customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.


From the raw materials in the farms to your homes, we pay special attention to every process, through to our customers in order to ensure that they receive the best quality products. Our products are non-GMOs and are manufactured in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), inspected and certified by ISO in the European Union. Other than sourcing ethically cultivated raw materials, our quality standards oblige us to encourage education programs as well as practices to promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility towards society.

We promote “Going Green” initiative as we care about our environment and use recycled materials when possible. We pursue education and practices that lead us to a more eco-friendly environment, take responsible decisions about the lifestyle of people, which help secure the environment and sustain its natural assets for current and future generations.

We are glad people are more health conscious now and being aware of the health benefits of herbal products, especially about the high nutritional value found in our herbal tea products.

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